Mind-Body Reset Program

The Mind-Body Reset Program gives you six 50-minute personalized one-on-one sessions.

Week 1: Assessing Your Fertility Journey

Set the foundation for your fertility journey by exploring the path you’ve taken until now. 

What has your life been like? How has it changed since you’ve faced your fertility challenges?

Having a licensed professional assess your unique fertility journey is the FOUNDATION for helping you create a plan that works. 

Learn to organize and make sense of your medical records and the protocols you’re considering. 

The more prepared you are, the easier it is to determine what information is most important at any point during the process. 

Week 1 of the Mind-Body Reset Program helps you set realistic expectations and goals for moving forward through the program. 

Week 2: Creating the Self-Care Plan You Need

Learn how to use meditation, nutrition, and exercise as the core of your fertility preparation. You can develop lifestyle habits related to sleep and other factors. 

Guided meditations and journal exercises are used to help you move toward your fertility goals. 

Week 2 gives you an overview of everything you’re doing. We look at your current self-care routine and determine what changes you can make to help you get the care you need.

Week 3: Reframing Beliefs

Week 3 builds on the work you do in the first two weeks of the program. We identify limiting beliefs that are the result of your fertility challenges. 

Some of the most common beliefs that women have around their struggles with fertility include…

  • “I’m not worthy.”
  • “Maybe I don’t want this enough.”
  • “Did I wait too long?”
  • “Something’s wrong with me.”
  • “I want this more than my partner wants this.”

These beliefs can become your reality and create feelings of shame and guilt. 

Beliefs are powerful. But you can learn how to change them. 

You can build new neural pathways that stop you from reinforcing negative beliefs so that you can start to create new beliefs and behaviors. 

Exploring and changing your beliefs helps you reframe your ideas around fertility, self-care, and relationships. 

Week 4: Overcoming Fear and Embracing What You Want

Learn how to overcome fear and be prepared so you can face the difficulties that can arise when deciding if fertility treatments are right for you.

Can you allow yourself to embrace the feelings you’re having around fertility when fear and disappointment have taken over? 

Are you stuck between feeling hopeful and feeling like you deserve to want to start a family?

You can honor all your desires while overcoming fear. 

We can explore the ways you’ve persevered in the face of fear in the past and help you recognize the power you already have inside you

Week 5: Reclaim Your Identity and Get Your Joy Back in Life

How can you bring the future YOU into existence? 

How can you develop a plan for creating the life you want today and for the future?

How can you foster acceptance and love for who you are and where you are in this moment? 

These are just some of the questions we explore in Week 5 of the Mind-Body Reset Program. 

The strategies you learn throughout the program can help you make lasting changes that support you and your family’s wellbeing.

What brings you joy? 

How has your struggle with fertility pulled you away from the things you love in life? 

If you’ve lost yourself somewhere along the way, you can reconnect with the person you’ve always been. 

Week 6: Long-Term Self-Care

Whatever path you choose, you need to have a LONG-TERM plan for caring for yourself and your loved ones. 

Your goals and the obstacles you face will always be changing. Having a long-term plan in place empowers you to make the right decisions and continue to give yourself the care and compassion you need. 

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